Applied Ability Awards

Practical Exams for Professional Chefs, Designed and Delivered by Chefs

The Applied Ability Awards – or Triple A – is a scheme to teach and test chefs of all abilities using the ‘Mentor’ system

The scheme was initiated by the British Food Trust and developed by the country’s top chefs and is supported by the British Culinary Federation. It is an independent qualification for professional chefs, designed and delivered by industry for industry in order to provide the national benchmark that will define, develop and promote craft skills.

The work involved is mostly practical, based on a common syllabus, tailored to the trainee and run in your own kitchens by a senior chef acting as Chef Mentor to the trainee. When you feel your trainee is ready there is a 3.5 hour practical examination taken by two senior Chef Examiners approved by the AAA National Committee.

The scheme operates at two levels, AAA Foundation Chef and AAA Chef, and successful candidates are awarded the AAA Certificate, which will signal to everyone that they are properly trained and able chefs.

For further details contact: Jill Matthews, AAA Administrator, The British Food Trust, email: or visit the website: